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"Eventually all things merge into one, and a river runs through it."
Norman Maclean.
The dart 10k is many things to many different people; and many people does it attract. With nearly 1500 swimmers meandering down the river this year for its 10th anniversary, the palpable positivity on the day was matched with positively tropical conditions and 10k long smiles.

People from all walks of life gather for The OSS’ flagship event, the beating heart of the UK swim calendar. An event for the people, by the people that celebrates the very essence of community and swimming in its purest form. Accessible to all, the river Dart presents itself as a challenge, a moment of mindfulness, an opportunity to connect with a community cut from the same neoprene cloth and a moment to revel in the shear joy of swimming itself.

This year was a special one, and for a couple of us here at the workshop who made our way to Dittisham, it was a pleasure to be a part of. An experience not easily forgotten and a reminder that time spent in the outdoors, submerged in the water, is time well spent.

A huge kudos to Kate Rew and The OSS team in their entirety. To the volunteers, the water safety crew and the swimmers themselves. When we last interviewed founder Kate Rew, she was on a renewed mission to make outdoor swimming part of the norm; by continuing to do it, and continuing to talk about it. The Dart 10k does exactly that. Long may she live! 

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