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An Evening With Mark Shayler | Purpose & Disruption

A departure from our usual in-store talk nights, we invited Mark Shayler to speak at our Bristol store about what he knows best: purpose and disruption. You might have read his book (part of the Do Book Company) - Do Disrupt. It's one that we reference a lot here at HQ, whether we're talking about design innovation, challenging the norm or telling our story. Mark gave us his top ten tips to make sure your life - not just your career - has purpose and meaning. 

The thing about disruption is that it’s just a small gap between being disruptive and being completely acceptable. 
Playing is nice; having a side project is nice; spending 4 hours on a Saturday morning making chilli sauce and starting a brand is lovely.
The thing that makes you weird as a kid makes you wonderful today. Find your inner freak and amp it up.
Don't do shit in your life and try to make it right in your retirement. We live in a time of change, we need to use our powers for good. 
Are you doing the thing you were born to do? You've not got long. Most people live to retire.
Purpose makes you strong. Start with why.
Average is horrible; average is a crowded market. It's way easier to be brilliant than it is to be average because there's less competition. Average has a long half-life.
If you're doing something you don't believe in then change it. The status quo is your mum's dream for you: your job is to ignore your mum and dream.
Think about the things that you love and the things that you're good at. On the interception you'll find what you want to do.
Better people make better businesses. Chase great work and the money will chase you.
If you find the thing you were born to do - you won't need to disrupt it. You'll just be it.

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