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Several months ago our product designer questioned Tom Kay about his Stussy x Fergadelic t-shirt.

As it happened, the artist responsible for Toms favourite t-shirt was also a good friend of Todd's, and was at the top of his 'artist series' priority list. (Todd worked alongside Fergus at TONITE, the underground t-shirt label born out ofSlam City Skates)

Responsible for making graphics for some of the greatest street-wear and higher end fashion labels on the planet, we were very grateful Fergus was able to create some amazing artwork exclusively for us. On top of that he was also on hand to answer a few questions we had:

Finisterre: Hi Fergus, you've worked for a lot of varied brands over the years and been linked to many street-wear and underground sub-cultures. How did you feel to be contacted by a cold water surf company?

Fergadelic: I've been aware of Finisterre for years & have always been attracted to the company's ethos. It was a pleasure to be asked to get involved.

Finisterre: The 'artist series' gives us a perfect opportunity to bring new and exciting ideas to the table. Your art is quite 'out there' compared to graphics we've preciously used, but are created in true Fergadelic style. Can you explain the inspiration behind the works?

Fergadelic: I wanted to push the Finisterre aesthetic a bit. I felt like whilst the clothes need to be practical & utilitarian, the T-Shirt prints can be anything...they don't have to be sensible...& in fact I wanted to do some blatantly fun graphics, to celebrate the fun aspect of surfing.
I like the idea that in the cold rainy outdoors you've got your killer Finisterre mega waterproof jacket on & you've got the quilted vest on underneath that, but lurking under the layers, near your core & out of sight, is this image on the T-Shirt that is defiantly unserious. In that way it becomes yet another tool in battling the can make you feel good.

Finisterre: You are known for your eclectic sources of inspiration and knowledge of unusual films and music. How about sharing a few of your recommendations with us?

Fergadelic: I'll tell you my favourite film, book, etc. & then you can decide if you want to waste your time watching/reading!

Film: River's Edge
Book: 'Clans Of The Alphane Moon' by Philip K. Dick
Art Book: 'Revelations' by Rita Ackermann & Byron Coley
Business Manual: 'Let My People Go Surfing' by Yvonne Chouinard
Some Fave L.P.s (that you might not already listen to):
'Animosity' by Corrosion Of Conformity
'Illusions' by Sadus
'Skybirds' by Upper Astral
'Zeit' by Tangerine Dream
'Formulas Fatal To The Flesh' by Morbid Angel

Finisterre: Great list! A few things we need to check out there! It's been a pleasure with you and we love the graphics. Big thanks and let's go surfing!


T-shirts are available in small limited quantities on the site right now!

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