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Bears and Big Waves

In January we invited Trevor Gordon, a Californian surfer, sailor and filmmaker to visit us at the Workshops. Along with Ambassador, Matt Smith they spent three days in Cornwall hosting one community night at Finisterre HQ in St Agnes and one night our London flagship store. Inspired and delighted to host two men who have spent most of their lives in the place between land and sea, we followed their wanderings around the deep south west as they connected with friends and relived experiences. 

Tropical blue eyes that invite you in. I imagine that's why I felt so connected to him. It's not often someone looks so deeply into my eyes. Or perhaps it's “his ability to see two sides of an issue”, as was his answer to an interview with him a few months ago ahead of open nights of the Finisterre stores in St Agnes and London.

When we were together I felt accepted. If I was late to meet him, or I brought him the wrong board, or during the talk nights if I would zone out, he seemed to understand where I was at and just move on. 

He could hold the attention of a room filled with over a hundred people; those who had braved the January weather to join us for some connection time and to hear how Trevor’s life has unfolded, what he holds dearest in life or his reaction to fear.

The first morning at the beach we were met by locals also searching for the early wave, some of them friends whom i hadn't seen for many years, all open armed and happy to share waves with us, all happy to pass on knowledge, the best pasty, walk or cream tea house. As i connected with Trevor, I realised it reconnected me with Cornwall, my homeland, i was so happy to be home.

I was touched whilst hearing Trevor's tales of Canada, Mexico and trips to England to meet his wife,  I got the sense they were driven by a desire to self connect through solo exploration, or a deep connection with others by being with them in isolated or extreme places and in our short time together it felt like we had been on a trip or quest we were together in a isolated place, the sea and on stage, it was me and him on a little mission be it only a few hours, it was still a exploration, we were both on our edge and sharing that time together gave me a strong sense of connection and friendship.




Words by Matt Smith | Film by Greg Dennis

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