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Committed to Product, And The People Wearing It

Cold water surfing had always been Tom Kay’s passion, but after university he found himself spending too much time near a photocopier in an anonymous London office.

One day he decided that his life had to become his work and his work his life. So Tom took a chance and 10 years ago moved to St. Agnes in Cornwall and set up cold water surfwear brand Finisterre.

Cold water surfers are made of special stuff, faced with icy temperatures, short days and harsh winds but rewarded with some of the best waves in the world. Tom wanted to create products that were built to last, with an ethical and environmental agenda and reflected cold water surfing in the UK, not far away tropical countries beloved by bigger surf brands.

Now the company employs a team of 20, housed in offices packed with surfboards at the ready and with three office dogs.

Tom says, “As a brand, Finisterre is as committed as ever and we’ve really stuck to our guns and done what we set out to do at the start – designing the most innovative product for cold water surfers around the world.”

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