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Easkey Britton: ROOM 2021

The debate as to whether surfing is a sport or a performance art often lead to comparisons with dance. The fluid combination of style, power, coordinated movement; the parallels are undeniable.
Dance, like surfing, offers an opportunity to connect with our bodies on a deeper level, and in the short film below that's exactly what Ambassador Easkey Britton explores in session with Flora Fauna Project for their third dance platform ROOM 2021


"Through conversation, music and movement i returned to the aliveness of my own body." - Easkey Britton

ROOM is Flora Fauna Project's third dance platform, where they bring their audience closer to extraordinary artists and community exchanges from all over the world.

They are not trying to replace the live experience provided by seeing a performance in a theatre, nor are they attempting to present multi-dimensional, real-life and physical work digitally. Instead, their aim is to showcase artists whose life and work has led them to meaningful and inspiring community collaborations.

"Our bodies are wired with a natural intelligence that can be accessed and harnessed to retrieve our most authentic selves. The intelligence that dance and movement based practices have to offer can move us out of the holes we have buried ourselves in."
- Flora Fauna Project

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