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Every Second Breath takes its audience on a visual and sonic exploration of the seas around Falmouth. Through its stripped-back, natural soundscape and stunning cinematography, the film directed by Isobel Cunningham and shot by Arnie Monteith immerses its audience in a seldom seen world, taking them on an emotive and poetic journey.

We felt it was important to make this short film because we wanted to try to inspire people to get outside and improve their connection with nature. We’re increasingly seeing more and more people become disconnected from the natural world and this isn’t good for people or the environment. 

The seas around Falmouth have had a huge impact on my own mental health since moving here to study five years ago. I wanted to create a film that inspired people to find out what nature could do for them. People are becoming so transfixed by social media and electronic devices that they’re forgetting about the real world around them and the natural spaces that we’re so lucky to still have. I want people to put down their phones and interact with the world in the same way that I have and reap the benefits that it’ll bring to them. Natural space is becoming more widely dispersed across the UK and much of the world, yet gorgeous coastlines, beautiful beaches and serene seas still surround us. As an island nation we’re surrounded by water and that water provides us with so much opportunity; opportunity for adventure, relaxation, social interactions or secluded head space. Not to mention the ocean provides us with every second breath of oxygen.

Watch the trailer:

I hope that the film can bring to light the impact that plastic pollution has not only on the environment but also on the people that enjoy that environment. Plastic is of course a major problem at the moment and thankfully it’s being spoken about more and more every day and so I hope that this film can act as another medium for that conversation to be had. At the same time, I want this film to inspire. I want people to finish the film and think “I want to do that”. I hope people shut down their laptops, or put down their phones afterwards and head to the beach or their local park and just take the time to soak up the beauty of nature. That’s really what this film is about, taking the time to appreciate what nature can provide us, however big or small.

Watch the full film

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