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FEASTS FROM THE FARM: Summer’s bounty

Summer is the season of fruitfulness; the earth offering up its bounty to sustain our families and fill our stomachs. The journey from seed to veg to plate is one that Fergal and Matt Smith of Moy Hill farm are passionate about and in our latest Broadcast series we’ll be bringing you recipes from the farm for you to try yourself; full of seasonal produce and tips on how to cook up a worthy feast.

The Chef is Called Henry...

Henry Anderson reached out and asked if he could come and join the team as the farm chef for the rest of the summer and we were delighted. He had been to the farm a few years previous during a spring, planting potatoes for a month. It was a quiet time of year and for meals we mostly fended for ourselves. Now summer is here and life is abundant, almost a ton of vegetables is being produced each week and dozens of people come to help plant, harvest and care for the veg. 

This was only Henry’s second day on the pans and it was a genuine feast. 

The sense of community and camaraderie that we feel when everyone sits down to break bread is one that feeds back into the work on the land. A hearty meal sustains us and reminds us why we’re doing what we’re doing. The most important part is the fresh and potently healthy veg, all grown with care and harvested that day. 

This meal was served up for the whole team to feast on, but it’s just as easy to scale it down and make a healthy and wholesome family meal.

We hope you enjoy the recipe…

Tuesday 6.15.19

Blistered beans

Top and tail French beans. Toss in a very hot, dry pan and sear for a few minutes each side. Simple as that.

Lentil soup 

Another lesson in simplicity. Heat your water and first add in onion, potato. Stir in for a few minutes then add lentils, fresh garlic, garam masala and coriander. Bring everything to the boil and cook for 40 minutes, serving piping hot.

Pea Tendrils 

Add mange tout, onions and garlic to a bowl and marinade in tamari (essentially gluten free soy sauce) for a few hours. After marinating, toss the mix into a hot pan and steam in the juice for about 5 minutes before serving.

Same-day Dug Spuds

1. Dig spuds out of ground.
2. Peel, cut and roast with garlic and a little oil until brown and crispy.
3. Eat spuds.

Braised Beets

Using a very hot pan, sear your beets whole. After searing, add to an oven tray and roast for around one hour until soft in the middle before serving.

Whole Grilled Courgette

Take a small courgette and sear whole in a hot cast iron pan. Keep turning the courgettes so they don’t stick but instead get slightly burnt around the outside. Simple and beautifully delicious.

Pickled Cucumber

Every feast needs a little garnish. Slice a whole cucumber into thin strips and pickle overnight, packing it into a jar with apple cider vinegar.

Images by Matt Smith & Jemoke Murphy


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