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Giving Back

One of Finisterre’s founding commitments is ‘People’. This runs right through our business; from telling the stories of the people using our products, to the like-minded charities we’ve supported.

We’ve been involved with organisations both local and international, championing causes that we really believe in and giving help where we can; through our staff giving their time, fundraising initiatives, and donating money and clothing stock from our warehouse…

A Waves For Change session underway on the beach in South Africa

For over a decade, we have been working with and supporting charities and organisations who share our values and passion – creating strong relationships which feed back into our own internal culture and wider community. As a brand, we believe that it’s important for us to embody these values; to walk our talk and practice what we preach, using our business to drive positive changes in the world.

Every now and again you hear stories of brands ‘disposing’ of old stock. Many companies do this to retain the value of the brand, making sure that their products and image are not devalued by selling stock at too low a price. That idea fills us with horror. We build our products with a purpose and we want them to fulfil that purpose. As a business we need to sell our stock at retail prices to be successful, but sometimes things just don’t sell. It’s a fact of the industry. But that doesn’t mean those products are no longer useful. That’s why for years, we have been donating our old, discontinued or end-of-life stock to those who need it most.

Kids from the Waves for Change programme in South Africa wearing their new Nimbus Jackets with pride

Since 2015, we’ve worked with the South African charity Waves for Change who provide a child-friendly mental health service for at-risk youths living in unstable communities. By providing access to safe spaces and giving the opportunity to get involved in activities such as surfing, Waves for Change gives these young people the skills to cope with stress, regulate their behaviour, build healing relationships and make positive life choices.

We also work with Peru Project, a UK based charity working with poor and disadvantaged children in the desert shanty towns of Lima. These are some of the poorest communities in the world and the project helps to provide the children with food, clothing, shelter and education to help improve their lives and give them better opportunities.

Girls from the Peru Project wearing their new Finisterre skirts

Sending our old stock to be donated to these disadvantaged communities is really a drop in the ocean. But it’s something that we can do, and as a business we believe there is no reason we shouldn’t. We’re proud of our products and each one is built to provide a lifetime of use. So we’re glad that someone, somewhere will be able to share in that lifetime and write their own stories with that product.

Beneficiaries of Project Peru wearing their donations from Finisterre

Words by Zak Rayment

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