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It was well after dark by the time the shutters were pulled down at 7 Earlham Street last Friday 1st September. A reminder that the meteorological summer was well and truly over, yet a welcome sign to some of the first day of Autumn; a season many of us associate with friendlier winds and the long anticipated arrival of regular ground swells.
Paying homage to this favourable time of year with the drop of our new Autumn range, we played host to the dusty doe-eyed sounds of David Owen Morgan accompanied by a history of whisky production and 'nosing' session from the good folk over at London's Whisky Exchange.
Thanks to all who came down to ring it in with us. See you in the water.


By David Owen Morgan

Fetch some water
let the stiff taps run dry against
Forest fires of
family trees long left by
Faded fathers who
gave in and buried their names
All we inherit’s
a new town lit up in flames

This land’s not our land
But we let ourselves in
So we’ll give it an anthem

Buried hatchets
leave no ashes of our flag
Once scarlet cheeks
now sun bruised pink
hung up on mistakes
Come home my princes
it’s all yours to witness
the grit on the gust
We won’t fight or flee
we’ll settle like dust

This land’s not our land
But we let ourselves in
So we’ll give it an anthem

They sang freedom can’t be gifted
I expect I’ve been complicit
in their struggle
for having formed
no idea

This land’s not our land.

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Photos by Ollie Stafford.

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