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Introducing The Finisterre Biosmock

Combining pioneering technical innovations with our tried and tested approach to building performance apparel, we’re incredibly proud to launch the Finisterre Biosmock. Our first fully circular, biodegradable jacket; it’s built to perform over a lifetime of adventures, breaking down safely in soil and sea at the end of its useful life.


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Written by Zak Rayment

Images by Abbi Hughes, Jack Johns & David Gray

From designing the most durable product we can, to the near decade-long efforts of our Lived & Loved Repairs team, giving old gear a new lease of life – we’ve always built our products to perform and stand the test of time, connecting you to the natural world with as little impact on it as possible.

Despite this, every product eventually reaches the end of its useful life. So what happens then?

Simply throwing something away – the traditional linear economy of ‘take, make and waste’ – is not a good option. As a society we must begin to reconsider our waste as a resource, and at Finisterre we believe that designing for a circular economy is essential; a system where products are repaired and kept in circulation for as long as possible, before the materials are eventually recycled and fed back into the manufacturing process, or returned to the earth to biodegrade. A zero waste, closed loop system.

Enter the Finisterre Biosmock;
Our first fully circular, biodegradable jacket.

Woman wearing the unisex Finsterre Biosmock by the sea
A man wearing the unisex Finisterre Biosmock by the coast

Representing the next step on our circularity journey, the Biosmock has been designed with its end-of-life in mind. Collaborating with materials pioneers PrimaLoft® and HD® Wool Apparel Insulation, the Biosmock is built with 100% biodegradable materials that will break down in the correct landfill and marine environments at the end of its useful life.

Our circular approach to design was rewarded with the coveted Gold Award in the Outdoor Apparel category at ISPO 2021.

"This is the leading example of the Circular Economy in performance apparel."

ISPO Jury statement

Proving a concept is one thing. Creating a fully functional garment, incorporating innovative material technologies and bringing a product to the consumer market is something else entirely. Built as a practical insulated outerwear piece, the Biosmock can be layered beneath a waterproof or worn on its own as an outer shell, providing warmth and comfort in all conditions. But it’s the materials technologies that comprise the Biosmock which get us really excited.

Recycled and biodegradable side fastners for easy entry

Recycled PrimaLoft® BIOTM Yarn

For our Biosmock fabric we’ve worked with one of the world’s leading fabric mills and collaborated with PrimaLoft® to embed their BIOTM Yarn into the fabric.

Both recycled and recyclable, Primaloft® BIOTM fibres break down at a highly accelerated rate in landfills and oceans because they have been optimised to be more appetising to the naturally occurring microbes in these specific environments. Crucially, the fabric will only biodegrade when exposed to a combination of ideal conditions which allow for high concentration of microbes, and without the presence of oxygen (such as landfill or marine environments), allowing the fibre to return to natural elements of water, CO2, methane, biomass and humus (a common, natural component of potting soil.) Independent testing has also shown that the soil left behind from the degradation process contains no plastic.

HD® Wool Apparel Insulation

Combining synthetic and natural material technologies, we worked closely with the team at HD® Wool to source the insulated fill for the Biosmock. Wool’s natural heat retention and breathability makes it an excellent insulator, as well as being renewable. It’s also naturally  odour-resistant, anti-bacterial, regulates temperature and manages moisture. In short, all the things we love about wool.

Furthermore, through HD® Wool’s Woolkeepers® initiative, the material used in our Biosmock wadding can be traced right back to the four individual farms in the South West of England which provided the wool. That’s full traceability and accreditation from farm to Finisterre.

From natural wool...

... to technical insulated wadding.

And the rest?

To ensure the Biosmock is truly biodegradable, we’ve considered all the details. Foregoing zips, we’ve finished it off with fully biodegradable recycled plastic poppers and the entire garment has been stitched with natural organic cotton.


As exciting as the biodegradable technology embedded in our Biosmock is, this is only one element of circularity. It is both recycled and recyclable, and like the rest of our outerwear, the Biosmock is designed and built to last; to accompany a life of adventures and be repaired when needed, keeping it going for as long as possible – only biodegrading in specific conditions at the very end of its useful life. 

Built for life, not eternity.


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