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Lofoten Life: On The Road In Norway

Lofoten; located at the 68th and 69th parallels north of the Arctic Circle in north Norway. Lofoten rises from the sea like Mother Nature’s cutlery as you approach from across the Vestfojorden. Quite possibly one of the most remarkable and beautiful places on the planet, rivalling that of Yosemite or any of the critically acclaimed wonders.

Dock and Drive. No need for a map, you can follow one of the sight-seeing buses if you want to get to the main attractions, although, chances are, these are unlike any main attraction you’ve seen before. The E10 snakes its way up through the archipelago, shedding a different perspective at every turn. Flakstadøya to Henningsvær, traveling south to north, a mere left or right hand turn will spit you out onto a Jurassic-like landscape, different to the next…and the next.

Roadside littered with stockfish hung out to dry, cod pulled from the Norwegian Sea. Preserved the way it always has been, lingering in the air, ever present.

Surrounded by weather and subject to the ever changing environment. Rolling clouds that creep up and over the mountains, from cold sea all around. The time of year will dictate your surfing habits and nocturnal activities. From the sun holding reign for 24 hours with a never ending dawn patrol, to short and redundant days, where the single malt kept for warmth’s sake could drive the most patient of surfers mad.

Not too dissimilar to its neighbouring landmass of Iceland, only a few more nautical clicks north again, surf culture is creeping up the inlets. In those days of light, definitive cold water surfers will set alarms and sleep through the lulls, selective by nature, default to their surroundings. Surroundings they do not take for granted and are more than willing to share; where the scale of things and the irrelevance of the neoprene blip they become is revered and treasured.

A balance of remote and connect where tradition holds true, be it salted fish or a good staple Pølse if you so desire.

- L

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