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Made For Mornings Like These

White lines, headlights and road signs blur past when you’re powering down the motorway full pelt to reach the promised land; you’re imagining spectacular swell, perfect barrels and neat approaching lines in your head, everything you usually hope for on your monthly pilgrimage to the surf. It’s 8pm, work is a distant memory and you’ve swapped one suit for another this weekend. Whiskey soaked evenings, glasses clinking, cheers to the good times - get ready for the early morning dawn patrol. 

A wonky night’s sleep in the back of the Volvo, and you’re ready for it. 6am, coffee’s on the stove; time to get in the salt. The thought of pulling on that 5mm wetsuit - the first time it’s been used since last winter - makes you wince, but you know it’s worth it because this time it’s firing. You paddle out, the water peppered with a handful of committed cold water surfers, all there to soak up the sunrise in the same way as you. Today is the day. 

Step out of the lineup and onto cold concrete car park slabs: gravel on your feet and salt seeping into your skin. You’ve shaken off the cobwebs, reenergised yourself from last night's heavy slumber and the surf was good. 

The cold zaps your energy. All that hard graft has been spent in the water; how it should be. Reaching for a layer - any layer - the soft comfort of Merino brushes your skin and you start to relax. Claw hands can’t deal with anything too complicated - just the simple ease of sliding into sweats that hold your heat and shrug off the cold couldn’t be more glorious. Top to toe in wool-lined comfort, a warm brew on the go and mates grinning like wolves at the first winter session, already planning the next.

Made for mornings like these: our Boreas Sweat range. Merino wool on the inside, cotton on the outside, unbelievable comfort all year round.

BOREAS: A True North Project. Available on site and in store now. 

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