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No Noise

Come the frost, come the winter rituals. Wetsuit boots officially on, a few gloves in the line up, hoods up and down with the winter sun and the howling winds. It's certainly not for everyone. We relish in it. 

Following the success of last years BEYOND THE NOISE, from the cutting room floor comes NO NOISE. By no means b-roll footage. Watch now, winter's coming.


When the sun hangs low in the sky and icy water from the hills trickles down to the coast, our mother sea becomes cold. Fully armoured in hood, boots and gloves, Finisterre Ambassador Noah Lane and master lensman Andrew Kaineder guide us through the winter fog and heaving Irish waves in a mesmerising short film, No Noise.

The eerie sounds, set against the perfect swell lines are a meditation of sorts, where Noah plays his role perfectly. The magician, the dancer, the lover of the sea...

Although we can’t make every surf session, we can sit - reminded of the wonder happening in nature in each moment. Sometimes on home shores, sometimes as far away as you can imagine, the sea welcomes us all.

Film by Andrew Kaineder

Download the full film Beyond The Noise on iTunes or Garage Movies


Finisterre Winter Wetsuits:

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