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Notes from the Archive: Edges of Sanity

To keep you inspired and entertained, we've decided to delve into the Finisterre archives, and over the coming weeks we will be looking at key moments from our history. Moments that have shaped us, defined us, and left an enduring mark in the memories of our team and community.

We'll update you with a new blog every Thursday - with films and anecdotes from founder Tom Kay, to give you a little insight into what made these special moments happen.

Edges of Sanity Header - The team pictured outside their living quarters for the trip to Scotland to film - Image credit Al McKinnon

Edges of Sanity

In the first of our Notes from the Archive series, founder Tom Kay shares his memories and a personal perspective on the making of this film. It marks a pivotal time where Finisterre defined a category, giving an identity to surfers searching for cold uncrowded waves.


Watch the film... 



Tune in every Thursday for more Notes from the Archives, as we collectively look forward to the time when we can embrace our coastal playground once more. 

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