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The solstice has passed us by and the sunshine of summer has already faded to a distant memory. But far from being the time to bundle up indoors, autumn is one of the best times to get outside.

Our stores are hubs for our community of sea-going adventure seekers, so who better to ask to find out the best outdoor experiences and micro-adventures in and around Edinburgh? We sat down with Store Manager Dave for his local autumn adventure advice.

Edinburgh Store Manager Dave Robertson at Wheal Kitty

What does the coming of autumn mean to you and your community?

Colder weather, shorter days, layering up and making the use of our cosy Finisterre knitted jumpers. The sea temperature is dropping and we look forward to the returning swells bringing bigger and better waves for us to enjoy. Cold water adventures are there to be had.

Where is a good place to find peace and reconnect to nature?

To really gain a little peace, one of the best places around is Pentland Hills regional park. It’s a short 40 minute bus ride to the south, sitting out beyond the edge of the city. It offers 20 miles of hillwalking, stunning Lochs, a huge variety of birds of prey and plenty of other glorious wildlife.

What is the best place for surfing nearest your store?

We’re really lucky in Edinburgh, with some fantastic waves all along the east coast. Edinburgh is one of the few cities in the UK with good surf spots less than an hour drive away! Dunbar is the hub of the east coast water activities with Belhaven Bay offering accessible waves for all. Our friends at Coast2Coast are based there and can cover all of your equipment hire needs so you can just focus on getting in.

Autumn Kit Favourites

Where is the best place to discover wildlife in your area?

A great trip to spot some wildlife on is a boat tour over to Bass Rock. A short train ride from the city will take you to North Berwick, where you can catch a boat over to the rock and experience its abundance of wildlife. It hosts the largest colony of Northern gannets in the world and is a favourite spot for naturalists like David Attenbrough and Chris Packham. Definitely worth a visit.

Where is the best place for storm-watching in or around the city?

There is a great café along the coast from North Berwick and Tantallon. It’s called the Drift Café and it’s been constructed from old shipping containers, but it has this huge glass-fronted section. It offers amazing views of the coast and any approaching storms whilst you stay warm and dry, enjoying a scone and tea.

What is an undiscovered or little known adventure activity that can be done in your area?

East coast surfing is a hidden gem to be honest. People are either unaware or they think it’s not going to be any good, but we get some great waves in the autumn and winter. Swimming at Portobello beach or Stand-Up-Paddleboarding at Belhaven Bay is great too, and now the summer’s over it’s a lot less crowded. It’s the best time to get out there and reclaim our beaches.

Finisterre store in Edinburgh

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