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The solstice has passed us by and the sunshine of summer has already faded to a distant memory. But far from being the time to bundle up indoors, autumn is one of the best times to get outside.

Our stores are hubs for our community of sea-going adventure seekers, so who better to ask than our store managers to find out the best outdoor experiences and micro-adventures around Falmouth? We sat down with Store Manager Rob Morgan to get some inspiration for our South Coast community.

Falmouth Store Manager Rob Morgan at Wheal Kitty

What does the coming of autumn mean to you and your community?

The chaos of summer subsides, the crowds thin and the water is at its warmest and Cornwall slowly slides back into its usual rhythms. Saying that, in Falmouth the students return so there is still enough of a buzz in town to keep things interesting. It’s a time to enjoy the outdoors in peace while the weather is still kind.

Where is a good place to find peace and reconnect to nature?

Underwater is our favourite place for finding peace and diving around Falmouth and Pendennis Point is really popular. There are some fantastic scuba and freediving spots with an abundance of wildlife to be discovered. The Helford area is also fantastic, with its woodlands and secret little coves.

What is the best place for surfing nearest your store?

From Falmouth it’s usually a drive to the North Coast as surfing Gylly (Gyllingvase beach) is more of a novelty than anything. Godreavy is probably the closest reliable spot, or maybe Perranporth.

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Where is the best place to discover wildlife in your area?

The Roseland peninsula is a stunning place to go and discover wildlife. Because of its geography it’s really difficult to get around and has been designated a heritage area because of its outstanding beauty. It’s easy to hop on a ferry from Falmouth to St Mawes and spend the day exploring the Roseland.

Where is the best place for storm-watching in your area?

Porthleven is famous for dramatic stormy scenes, with the town council building perched right out on the quay. We wouldn’t recommend getting too close but if you can find a spot at the top of the hill to watch the storm from, it’s a truly memorable experience.

What is an undiscovered or little-known adventure activity that can be done in your area?

There are some great coasteering spots around Pendennis to enjoy for the brave amongst you. Also, the WeSUP paddleboard centre on Gylly beach is great; you can hire a board and go exploring the bays, from Pendennis down to Swanpool and even Maenporth if you’re up for the challenge.

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