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The solstice has passed us by and the sunshine of summer has already faded to a distant memory. But far from being the time to bundle up indoors, autumn is one of the best times to get outside.

Our stores are hubs for our community of sea-going adventure seekers, so who better to ask than our store managers to find out the best outdoor experiences and micro-adventures around? Cornwall is our home, and with three stores in the county we decided to pool our knowledge. We sat Down with Hawksefield manager Paul Finnie to get some inspiration for our North Cornwall adventure seekers.

 Hawksfield Store Manager Paul Finney at Wheal Kitty

What does the coming of autumn mean to our North Cornwall community?

It’s a time to get back to basics, coming together as a community and get ready for winter. It’s having the roads back. Warming up in the van at Polzeath and watching the sunset or hunkering down at the pub as the nights draw in. It means emerging from the mania of the Cornish summer and re-discovering why we loved Cornwall so much.

Where is a good place to find peace and reconnect to nature?

A personal favourite is to head up to Lundy Bay. Sit on the harbour wall and watch the tide creep up the rocks, walk down to the beach and explore the caves. Take a book sit on the grass above the Bay and watch the time fly away.

What is the best place for surfing nearest your store?

I mean, we feel a bit guilty answering this question. It’s North Cornwall! We’re spoilt for choice; Polzeath, Constantine, Watergate, Newquay… You can’t really go wrong.

Autumn Kit Favourites

Where is the best place to discover wildlife in your area?

Head up to Rough Tor on Bodmin Moor in early October. Take a left before heading up the hill and walk through the forest just as the sun is setting. If you’ve caught it just right be prepared to be plunged into darkness as the 1,000,000+ starlings pass over your head, find a spot and watch the murmuration.

Where is the best place for storm-watching in your area?

Again, when a storm’s coming, the best place to be is up at Trevose Head Lighthouse. Park up in the carpark and just look out. On a clear day you can see all the way round to Newquay and beyond, but when a storm comes you feel really close to it; safe and warm in the car, watching the waves batter the headland.

What is an undiscovered or little known adventure activity that can be done in your area?

Hire out a Kayak and get on the Camel estuary. You could paddle our to see the Doom Bar up close or float down into the woods to be surrounded by wildlife. But for us, autumn means the return of waves so, it’s not little known, but we’ll mostly be finding our adventure out there on the water.

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