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With the recent launch of our summer range in Sardinia we asked Finisterre's graphic designer and photographer David Gray to give us some insight as to what goes on behind the scenes. Take it away my man.

Trying to tie in sample drops with models availability with the schedule of a brochure delivery with a chart that will provide you will waves is always a wicked mistress. Then tie this with the need for sunshine to launch our first real summer collection and it all pointed to Sardinia. It has its own way about it and a kinda cool surfing history.


We went with the usual lo fi compact crew – a documentary approach with a touch of finesse around the products presentation. I held the camera and did the clicking and our stylist Sally who worked on Adrenalin magazine back in the day, helped guide us daily.


So we have Matt, Andy, Jess and Emma – tested out in Wales and taken to Sardinia, all friends with the brand. For us it's more about a good crew than being a clothes-horse. Up for mucking in and making it all happen, at home in the water and in the city.


Fixers are an important aspect – they oil the wheels of communication and locations. Meet Artimo and Michangelo – tapped into the surfing culture of Sardinia they adapted the plan when the swell didn’t arrive and took us to a paddle board location we could have only dreamed about. They provided a moped to get around on and smooth talked the locals to use their cafes as locations.


This was the place we rented – electricity would go when the hairdryer was plugged in and the mosquitos were in abundance but it had a real charm and served as a base for the trip.


What do we do when it is Flat and want to be on the water – The spot we got to on our paddle board adventure was unreal...


The bane of the photographer – the 4 hour lunch interrupts the flow of the shoot – indoors while the sun shines outside and a shoot list which is slipping as easily as the wine is going down but it is a Sardinia hospitality that has to be obeyed. Course after course arrives - snails, grilled fish, ravioli. The models are loving it, the stylist is nervous for the photographer and the photographer is looking at an afternoon on the back of a moped with a not so sober driver (this plan was adapted).


We had researched this place before we left and it was perfect for an afternoon of swimming and rock jumping.

As we grow and the ranges get bigger, we get more organised and the shoots more complex let us not forget the journey, the food and the camaraderie – thanks to you all…

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