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 It has long been said that music can be a tool to inspire and empower social change. From the likes of Bob Dylan to Rage Against The Machine, we've seen music play an interesting and integral role in rallying people together and soundtracking movements the world over.

We caught up with the creators behind Novo Amor's latest release, Birthplace as they address the ever present and vocalised threat of plastic in our oceans.


We care about our planet. Currently, our oceans are under attack by a constant stream of plastic waste. A rapid growing tumour for which we are responsible. Plastics infiltrate wildlife, the food chain and our bodies. 

The problem is complex and exists on many levels, but we believe that together, we can conquer it. With this video we want to raise awareness to the plastic problem and share ideas on what we can do to turn the tide.

Novo Amor's Ali Lacey.

"The presence of plastic waste littering our oceans is not a new issue, but it’s an issue that has been worsening for years and is something that we can and should be addressing. The problem is not only a threat to marine life, but to the entire food chain, our whole ecosystem. When something impacts wildlife in such a profound way, we can expect it to impact upon us. The problems are manifold, the repercussions shocking, but there are ways in which we can raise awareness of such an urgent issue, and counter it.”  

Video Directors, Sil & Jorik.

"We want to make films about stories that matter, especially when those in disadvantage can't speak for themselves. The pollution of our oceans is one of the most important stories of our time. They are under attack by a rapidly growing tumour of plastic waste for which we are responsible. We've been exploring ways to make a video that touches on this topic for a while, and when we heard Ali's music the specific idea came to us almost in a flash. On the last day of filming the whale, we disassembled it and took it out of the water. We removed all the plastic and nets and transported the segments back to the mountain village where it was created. Here, the builders will add extra, woven bamboo to replace the plastic. Soon, it will find its final resting place on a waterfall near the village where it will become a permanent tourist attraction with a water fountain shooting from its mouth."  


'Birthplace’ is the title track from Novo Amor’s debut album which is out on 19th October 2018. Novo Amor tours the UK in October: 

Tue Oct 16, UK, Manchester, Gorilla
Wed Oct 17, UK, Glasgow, Saint Luke's
Fri Oct 19, UK, Leeds, Community Room @ Brudenell Social Club
Sat Oct 20, UK, Brighton, The Haunt
Mon Oct 22 UK, London, Union Chapel **SOLD OUT**
Tue Oct 23 UK, London, Union Chapel **NEW DATE ADDED**  

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