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STATIC | Original Surf Soundtracks Vol.1

"When we were defining what CWS looked like for us - surfing and seeking out some of the coldest most uncompromising waves - we turned to CJ to portray what that sounded like. From the outset these haunting soundscapes exemplified the search, the elements, the camaraderie and the reward.” Finisterre Head of Creative, David Gray.

The culmination of a collaboration that has helped define the sound of modern cold water surfing, we are proud to announce the release of enigmatic artist and musician CJ Mirra's debut album. In association with Finisterre,  'STATIC - Original Surf Soundtracks Vol.1'.

A selection of tracks composed especially for one of many short surf films scored over the past four years. Featuring ethereal soundscapes, lo-fi guitar excursions and rising orchestral, neo-classical moments. Summoning images of the wild, awe-inspiring surfing locations originally composed for.

Static - Tour Dates.

Static – Original Surf Soundtracks Vol 1 Static – Original Surf Soundtracks Vol 1
Static – Original Surf Soundtracks Vol 1

Introducing Static – Original Surf Soundtracks Vol.1, the debut album from artist and musician CJ Mirra. Including the soundtrack to our fil

Over to CJ.

So my compilation album ‘STATIC - Original Surf Soundtracks Vol.1' is out today...
There’s just eight tracks on this album but the DNA has really formed over five years, twenty films, hours of discarded musical ideas, gigabytes of recordings of the sea and a community that has taken me in as one of their own; this is what you can hear on each one of these soundtracks.
The highlight of this journey has been the trips. Primarily, heading up with the Finisterre crew to the north shore for my first taste of what it really means to chase the good stuff and, resulting in the making of the critically acclaimed, Edges Of Sanity.
To paint a picture, I went back to the start of my contact with Finisterre and found this early message discussing the soundtrack to FV25. This is a snippet of that conversation from myself in reply to a certain piece of music they were using as a reference track…. 
“…that track is so fitting because of its space, gentle tension, slow tempo and simplicity. It has a deeply immersive, almost meditative pulse that lulls you into its world. The progression has a subtle, enchanted yearning, a reaching out and expanding, yet never breaking its composure, remaining deep and weighty almost throughout. The only changes and progressions add light and height and depth through isolated high frequency and sub frequency instruments -  all within the same sonic vista. I know what you mean about it being epic but never trying too hard. 
You could draw a lot of parallels from this sonic arrangement with the cold water environment - the constant, immutable flow of waves and tides set against the stillness of ancient, remote and awe-inspiring landscapes, the relationship of light with cloud patterns, water refractions and mountain shadows, a connectedness with natural rhythms and an enticing sense of escape and of the unknown. now i've piled on the pressure to write something half as good as that I'd better crack on ;)”

It might be a bit (or totally) overblown but that became a kind of blueprint in the way I saw every film I’ve worked on since; locking in on the elements that can be translated into sound and music. This is what I hope you can hear on the album. 
Eternal thanks to Chris McClean for bringing me into the fold. 
Till Vol.2


Static - Tour Dates

Limited tickets for live performance store tour, Featuring CJ Mirra, Lee Ann Curren and Adam Badi Donoval. Book tickets here.
Including very special show at Falmouth Poly here.

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