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Common Ground | Introducing The Ambassador Team

Time spent in and out of the water with our ambassadors is vital; they form the basis of our cold water community and have done since the beginning. Reconnecting with Tom and the team in Ireland a few months back, filmmaker and friend Luke

MAR | Featuring Noah Lane

  Daylight wanes as sky becomes heavy. Isobars compress and warp; cross-sectioned onions on the nightly news. The coast awakens, transformed from the doldrums of summer. Warmth; a flickering memory, like those drawn upon for favourable con

The Lost Weekend | In Conversation With Chris McClean

Hailing from the colder Northern territories of the UK, chasing waves in those kinds of environments come as second nature to Chris. From shooting one of our first films in the Outer Hebrides through to our critically-acclaimed film Edges O

Edges Of Sanity | A Finisterre Film

  It’s been saidOn far shores, weary mariners hear voicesSongs so beautiful they cast a spellThere is no choice but to hear. Director: Chris McCleanProducer: Ernest CapbertSurfers: Noah Lane + Matt SmithPoem: Dan CrockettNarration: Charle

The Other Door | Featuring Matt Smith

As the winter door closes, we say goodbye to thick suits, heavy winter swells and cold days, and we open the door to thinner suits, summer waves and longer days. Featuring Matt Smith.Directed and produced by Luke Pilbeam. 

Cold Water People | A Finisterre Film

The People Of Cold Water Surfing. Shot at the Greenaway Pro and narrated by Ernest Capbert. 

Fv25 | A Finisterre Film

Fv25 is our cold water surf film. It is cold water surfing as we see it, living and surfing within a cold water environment. Filmed over 8 months, Fv25 will take you to the Outer Hebrides and Norway.Filmed by award winning film maker Chri

Coming Up For Air | A Finisterre Film

  “Just like winter ice, we all change with a little heat.It keeps us getting up each morning, keeps us awake at night, keeps us stealing precious scraps of time out on nature’s highways, hunting that clear, cold weight.And just as shadows


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