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Tell me who you're with.

We've always taken a very simple approach with the people we work with here at Finisterre - tell me who you're with and we'll tell you who you are - in other words, surround yourself with the right people.

Almost 7 years ago we met Matt Smith, I believe we were passing through a small town, Matt was propped up along the bar, he was sipping something non-alcoholic. A few friends of ours had mentioned that he comes and goes, but that it would be a good time to meet him, say hello, we did and the rest is history, we've been working with him ever since.

Over the last year, we've been talking about building the people of cold water surfing here at Finisterre and although we've had our eyes out for someone, we haven't been chasing the idea - you don't look for friends, you meet them.

We were going on a cold water surf trip, we had heard about this guy called Noah, apparently very gentle, liked by all and a very good surfer and similar to Matt - we had friends that mentioned we should meet. I put in a phone call to Noah one rainy afternoon, I remember it, because I walk when I talk and I couldn't get outside - it was raining. I had mentioned to him what we were trying to do here, we talked about his plans and whether he may want to come along on our next trip.

Like a gentleman, he thanked us for the opportunity, 'he said he'd like to see what this is all about', we traveled North, met up with him and Matt, lived in the 8-man tents for a week, found great waves and as the old saying goes - the rest was history.

Noah and Matt, to us define who cold water surfers are - they are great people, who happen to surf very well - tell me the people you are with and we'll tell you the kind of person you are.

Welcome Noah, I believe it's going to be a very good ride.