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The Ripple Effect

It's been over a year since the start of the pandemic. In that time, both individually and as a society, we have felt unprecedented levels of anxiety. Dawn Days was born out of that feeling. An exercise in being present, a dedicated crew of photographers and filmmakers donned their wetsuits to record the dawns at sea.
One of those photographers is Mike Guest. The Ripple Effect, directed by John Duncan, tells Mike's story of Dawn Days and how this daily ritual, combined with counselling and ACT therapy, helped him to explore his own feelings and engage more deeply with his mental health.


4 min read

At the start of the pandemic, Mike Guest found himself in an unusual setting: home. After 20 years of working as a freelance photographer in outdoor environments all over the world, he had been accustomed to constantly being on the move, surrounded by athletes, clients, collaborators – and distractions.

It was during this period of personal darkness, and following a conversation with his friend and fellow surfer/photographer Nick Pumphrey, that Dawn Days was born. Every morning, Mike was up at 3.30am, pulling on his wetsuit and walking down to the beach with his camera, where he would swim out and capture the dawn.

The Ripple Effect is a beautifully open and honest reflection from Mike on how this project helped him process his mental health over the pandemic.

Directed by John Duncan
Featuring Mike Guest (@mr_guesty)
Underwater Footage by Mike Guest & Tim Askew
Additional Footage by Rob Waugh
Sound Design by Barry Jackson
Dubbing Mixer & Sound Design by Paul Flitcroft
Music by David Jack
Colour Grading by Troy Edge


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