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The True North label embodies the peak of product development at Finisterre. Seeking out the best fabrics and manufacturers, we have embarked on a series of pioneering projects brought to life through a range deep in function and style.
The week before launch we took to the road with Ambassadors Sandy Kerr, Noah Lane and Sam Bleakley to sit down with a few beers, open up the floor and talk about their True Norths.
In summary of.

 "Speaking before a gathering of surfers, you can rely on the audience to guide the conversation down unexpected tracks. We covered a lot of ground over two nights, from Sandy Kerr's fearsome attack-dog Rusty (watch out visiting pasties), to the wack representation of female surfing on Instagram and under representation of female voices in our culture altogether. From sustainable wetsuit materials, to why Noah Lane has stayed in Ireland (she begins with a T) and what Sam Bleakley has planned next - a book on diversity in surfing. Being a host in this context is easy and also really gratifying - it reminds you that the core of the tree is still solid and that surf culture is ever evolving." Bristol & Falmouth host - Dan Crockett.

"Such a pleasure to take the Looking Sideways podcast on the road for the first time, and head to London to interview Noah and Sandy in front of a packed crowd at the CG store. Watching a person’s career unfold through the mediums of film or photography offers one perspective. But you can’t understand their motivations, hopes and fears without digging a little deeper. That’s what I’m trying to do with the podcast, and what we were able to do during our discussion. As we discovered, Sandy and Noah have followed very different paths to reach a similar place in their lives, and it was fascinating hearing how their different experiences have made them the stylish, inquisitive chargers they are today. Big thanks to everybody who stuck around to ask questions as well. Here’s to plenty more of the same." London host - Matt Barr. Looking Sideways podcast from the London leg coming soon.

Thanks to all who made it out to join us. The True North collection drops this Friday. Stay tuned for more happenings in-store. 
Photos courtesy of Jack Abbott, Oliver Stafford & Rob Morgan.

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