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It's not often we board the hype train. Certainly not the fast paced locomotive of sneakers and kicks! Our second collaboration with Vans however called for a change in scenery.
Working with the globally admired powerhouse that is Vans to produce their most environmentally conscious range of products to date takes some work. 
2 weeks on, we've finally caught up and allowed the dust to settle. 
So thanks to the inner-city surf crew, the skaters, the environmental bloggers and the newly acquired sneaker heads who bowled up to celebrate with us. To our hosts at The Church Of London (71a) and the clean up crew. To Fourpure Brewing Co, Rathlees Rum and Luscombe Drinks for just enough beer and plenty of dark n' stormies.
Officially 'Off the Wall' and near enough off the shelves.
“I founded Finisterre on innovation, sustainability and a need for better product back in 2003. Sixteen years later, it's great to be working with such an iconic brand as VANS and pushing this agenda to produce a limited range of rugged footwear - their most sustainable to date.”
 - Finisterre Founder Tom Kay.
“Our second collaboration with Vans was the ultimate meeting of minds with their amazing footwear know-how and history coming face-to-face with Finisterre’s desire to create change with minimal environmental impact - this collection is built for adventure whilst reducing waste and causing no harm to animals.” -  Finisterre lead menswear designer, Todd.
Learn more of our collaboration with Vans here.
Photography by Yehya Al-Hafidh

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