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As part of Wool Week, the Campaign for Wool is continuing its mission to educate the world about the numerous benefits of nature's original super fibre. At Finisterre, we've always championed the versatility of wool and its antibacterial and thermoregulating properties, so we never need an excuse to shout about it.

Naturally biodegradable in soil and sea, wool is a renewable resource that sheep produce every year, providing an alternative to plastic based fabrics that doesn't harm the planet. We can all make a difference by choosing wool to help safeguard the planet for future generations.

Sam Bleakley

I love wearing wool because it’s a natural planet friendly fibre, and it keeps me warm in the winter. My dad learned to surf in the early 1960s, and before his first wetsuit, he (and lots of early British surfers) used to surf in a British wool jumper . So, in many ways, wool has had a role in British surf culture for a few generations. And long may it continue to keep British surfers warm and connected to their clothing.

Sam Bleakley Wool Week


Sandy Kerr

This is me at our Tynemouth surf check spot. The jumper has been with me at this spot countless times over the years. It was gifted to me by Noah Lane, I can't remember why Noah give me this but it has since become my favourite jumper. It has been put through its paces and picked up a few fence nicks and dog chews but never wanted to give it up, so it has always been worth repairing.

Just like how Noah gifted this garment to me, wool gives a natural gift. Wool is naturally biodegradable, helping our world which is choking from waste plastics and man-made micro fibres.

Sandy Kerr Wool Week




Easkey Britton

Why wool? What wool means to me: Warmth, comfort, softness, holding. A reminder of how nature provides, allowing me to breathe. A feeling of gratitude. A better choice in a world where our waterways, seas and bodies are filling up with micro-plastic.

Easkey Britton Wool Week

Fergal Smith

‘I just love warm woolly jumpers. And they come from warm woolly sheep!’

Fergal Smith Wool Week

Matt Smith

I always think of wool as big sweaters and jumpers, but I really love my boxers and socks. Such a historical journey we have been on with the sheep, what legends they are for cruising around this world with us. Thanks Sheep, and all the shepherds that mind them, and all the grass that feeds them.

Matt Smith Wool Weel



Noah Lane Wool Week

Noah Lane

I never really appreciated the versatility of wool until I moved to a colder climate. It's warm, comfortable and easier on the environment than most things we wear. I think the first Finisterre product I owned was a pair of wool socks; putting those things on for the first time after surfing was a revelation.

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