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Why Wool?

It’s no secret that we love wool. It’s one of the oldest fibres in the world, durable and functional, not to mention naturally occurring. You’ll find it in all corners of the Finisterre range, from our knits to our Merino wool base layers. We’re proud to use non-mulesed Merino, produce wool in some of this country’s finest factories, and to have built a British Merino supply chain from scratch. Its versatility, warmth and environmental impact is why we champion it; here's five facts about wool telling you why you should too.

Natural: Wool is a 100% natural protein fibre. No synthetics, no need for processes that damage our environment. It’s the most sustainable way to design clothes that keep you warm.

Renewable: If you’ve got air, water, sunshine and grass, you’ve got happy sheep that will grow a new fleece every year. No depleting finite natural sources.

Biodegradable: Wool decomposes in just a few years, releasing valuable nitrogen-based nutrients back in the soil. Although we hope you won’t throw our hardy knits in the mud.

Recyclable: Wool is made for recycling. Their fibres are durable and high quality, so can be used again and again, ultimately reducing landfill disposal, contributing to a circular economy.

Carbon Cycle: Wool forms part of a natural carbon cycle; sheep consume organic carbon by eating plants, and this stored in the good stuff, their fleece. So 50% of a fleece’s weight is pure organic carbon, all stored in a durable and wearable form.

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