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Introducing | The Common Wanderer

The entrepreneurial spirit of Raven Williams is what drove him to set up The Common Wanderer in the first place. Having lived in St Ives most of his life and seeing businesses pop up as more and more tourists flocked to the artistic West Co

Beth French On Swimming The World's Oceans

7ft tiger sharks, 10mph ocean currents, blistering sun, frigid waters, world firsts.... Somerset swimmer/adventurer Beth French is facing it all. Half way through her record setting project to swim all Oceans 7 channels in a single year, sh

Noah Lane | Moments At The Edge

Last winter Noah won $20,000 and was crowned with the surf session of the winter under some snow capped peaks in Ireland. The waves were big and perfect; not mountain sized rollers, but double to triple over head, perfect technical barrels.

Time & Tide | Dale Adams

The final instalment of our Time & Tide series takes us to the shores of south Wales to meet a photographer working outside of the usual nine to five. With dusk delayed, there is no better time to play with your work-life balance and ge

Introducing | Sennen Surf Co.

Over the years our journeys have put us in touch with many people we now call good friends. Near and far, we connect with these likeminded people through various mediums, be it a shared love of the sea, the way in which we approach our work

Time & Tide | Jeff Bowman

Spring has well and truly arrived, bringing with it a thirst for adventure, longer days and sumptuous sunsets. Continuing with our Time & Tide series, we explore open landscapes, the need for slowing down and morning coffee rituals wit

Time & Tide | Jess Cox

As days grow longer, our senses awaken and our appetite and impulse for adventure increases. The need to break free from the confines of daily routine grows. With spring-time to hand, we're hitting the road. We explore chasing thermals, the

Artist Tees | The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner is probably Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s most famous work. Steeped in mystery, intrigue and with hints of the supernatural, the poem was first published in 1798 and tells the tale of a Mariner who stopped a man

At Sea With The National Lobster Hatchery

Waking up in darkness and heading out through howling winds into sea mist was how a few of us spent an early Wednesday morning. We hopped onto the boats - with our new Guy Cotten jackets in tow - with the National Lobster Hatchery team to l

Guy Cotten | Taking The Seas By Storm

Dawn has barely broken off the coast of Finistère, but already the nets are full. Fishermen set out in the depths of night in hope of a favourable catch – rewarded they be. These fishermen shall return again, but this mundane escapade of t

Easkey Britton On International Women's Day

This International Women's Day, we're proud to be screening the award-winning documentary Into The Sea, presented and co-produced by Finisterre ambassador Easkey Britton, in both our Bristol and London stores tonight. To coincide with this

Single Use Is No Use | Hugo Tagholm On Plastic Pollution

With surf on our doorstep, a history steeped in a love of the sea and our good friends Surfers Against Sewage just across the road from our workshop, it's safe to say we are invested in how our oceans are treated. Having just launched our c

Always Have, Always Will | Product, Environment, People

Our Three Points Of Commitment - A Note From Founder Tom Kay It’s been fourteen years since I set out to build a brand based on my beliefs. Beliefs of making better product and a better way of being as a business. I wasn’t a designer or a

Common Ground | Introducing The Ambassador Team

Time spent in and out of the water with our ambassadors is vital; they form the basis of our cold water community and have done since the beginning. Reconnecting with Tom and the team in Ireland a few months back, filmmaker and friend Luke

Noah Lane | Surfing In The Azores

The Land That Time Forgot Lashing rain fell horizontally in huge sheets from the heavens above. We’d been holed up all day, hopefully poking our heads out of the window every time the roar eased, only to be chased back inside by the

Notes From The Field | Off Grid In The Azores

Our girl Sophie's notes from the field in the Azores, looking from the inside out. It's not often these days that we go completely off-grid. However, with no signal, internet or electricity on a secluded beach on one of the remotest islan

Introducing Our Selvedge Denim

There’s a reason why Japanese denim is hailed as the best in the world: incomparable quality that can only come from a culture which champions purpose-led design and craft, from ancient traditions to innovative technology. Continuing our d

Sam Bleakley | In His Element

When you find yourself in an empty lineup in Cornwall’s deep southwest with a man like Sam Bleakley, you can’t help but smile. Clambering down the rocky coastal path from his book-lined and longboard littered abode, Sam’s excitement builds

How We See Fit | Local Makers In Our Legwear

We design with fit and function in mind. With a varied crew of local makers, photographers and teachers, we put our legwear to the test in their different environments.  James BowdenUsually a man behind the lens, when James isn’t on locati

Food From The Fire | Ben Quinn's Hot Smoked Mackerel

You’ll usually see Ben Quinn standing over a fire, shuffling meat and stoking the flames. Otherwise you might catch him in the lineup down at his local watering hole, just minutes from Finisterre HQ. Whether he’s in the surf or cooking up

An Evening With Mark Shayler | Purpose & Disruption

A departure from our usual in-store talk nights, we invited Mark Shayler to speak at our Bristol store about what he knows best: purpose and disruption. You might have read his book (part of the Do Book Company) - Do Disrupt. It's one that

From Finisterre To FitzRoy

Finisterre, Northwesterly 6 or 7, occasionally gale 8 later.  You won't find many as entrenched in the nostalgia and strange allure of the shipping forecast as Finisterre’s founder Tom Kay. Part of our heritage, from our namesake to how

In Conversation With Lewis Arnold & Sandy Kerr

Both familiar in the wild ways of that elusive north east swell, Lewis Arnold and Sandy Kerr have been getting in the salt together for years now. Now firmly part of the Finisterre family, we got to grips with the all important relationship

New Territory | Soul & Surf In Sri Lanka

Swapping the elusive Brighton swell for Sri Lanka’s glassy reef breaks, friend of Finisterre Joe Coyne now spends his time chasing waves through jungles and coconut groves. We spoke to him about his thirst for adventure, Sri Lanka’s burg

Bristol Store Design

When Fleur, Finisterre’s Visual Merchandiser, started putting together concept ideas for our recent Bristol store, it was important to celebrate both our history and the innovation we strive for, creating a space to house our cold water co

Fit For Purpose | An Icelandic Exploration

Our Swedish friends from 6/5/4 hopped from fjord to fjord in pursuit of cold waves and good times. Kitted out in our Nieuwland Works wetsuits, they spent their days paddling out in icy waters, whale watching and warming up by open fires. Ch

In Conversation With Dougal Paterson & Bernie Shelley

THE GHOST SHIP When we heard of Dougal Paterson's next project, documenting the recovery of one of South Africa's surfing legends, Bernie Shelly, and her return into the water, we knew we wanted to get involved; we were lucky enough to pla

Introducing The Finisterre Fabric Use-Up Project

  Statistics say that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish come 2050. We’ve seen radical organisations like SAS and Parley For The Oceans campaigning to combat this; but it’s a problem that is far from resolved. Sustainability

Lived And Loved: Meet The Finisterre Repairs Team

THE STITCH SISTERS Step into the Finisterre workshop and head up the stairs and you’ll hear the gentle hum of a sewing machine run by the deft hands of repairs whizz Annie. Now joined by her sister Pip who is at the helm in our new Bristol

Fit For Purpose: Cycling To The Sahara

In September, Path Adventure founders Maddison and Kaasam embarked on a four month long trip, cycling from Falmouth to the Sahara. We kitted them out in Finisterre Merino base layers and recycled insulation jackets to take them from cool mo

Down By The River

To set the scene. On Monday, 14 November, the moon was the biggest and brightest it had been in more than 60 years. It’s what is commonly called a “supermoon”, or technically a “perigee full moon” – a phenomenon that occurs when a full moo

An Evening With Pete Goss, MBE

Last Thursday evening we were honoured and delighted to host British yachtsman Pete Goss, MBE, for the inaugural talk night at our Bristol store.Here at Finisterre, we have previously had the luxury of playing the captive audience when Pet

Noah Lane and Sandy Kerr Go Off Grid

THE STRIKE Words by Noah Lane Some people hate travelling. Car, Bus, Plane, Train, Car. As easy and cheap as it is to jump on flight from one place to the next, there still involves a large amount of time and effort getting from point a to

Lofoten Life: On The Road In Norway

Lofoten; located at the 68th and 69th parallels north of the Arctic Circle in north Norway. Lofoten rises from the sea like Mother Nature’s cutlery as you approach from across the Vestfojorden. Quite possibly one of the most remarkable and

In Conversation With Gulfstream's Shaper Jools Matthews

We've known Jools from Gulfstream Surfboards for a while now; you might have caught our range in their Braunton store, or seen the London quiver designed by Jose, Jools' right-hand woman. With our Bristol launch looming, we caught up w

Guardians Of The Sea | Mike Long

"No one wakes up and says "I want to pollute the ocean today". People want to be aware and mindful. We as brands, innovators, designers must give them this opportunity by making products, materials that are not harmful, last longer, and su

Finisterre's Commitment To Going Fluorocarbon Free

Looking at alternative solutions to environmental problems is something we are always trying to do. Over the past few years, we've been looking into alternative waterproof finishes for our outerwear, without the use of nasty long-chain flu

Q&A With Product Director Debbie On Microplastics

We’re always keeping our ears to the ground when it comes to running our business in the most sustainable way possible, from the materials we use in our products to how we serve our coffee in our stores.Microplastics are our radar. Product

Made For Mornings Like These

White lines, headlights and road signs blur past when you’re powering down the motorway full pelt to reach the promised land; you’re imagining spectacular swell, perfect barrels and neat approaching lines in your head, everything you usual

Why Wool?

It’s no secret that we love wool. It’s one of the oldest fibres in the world, durable and functional, not to mention naturally occurring. You’ll find it in all corners of the Finisterre range, from our knits to our Merino wool base layers.

Lesley Prior On Our Bowmont Merino Flock

Back in 2005, we made a unanimous decision to place wool at the centre of our fabric development. One of the oldest natural fibres known to man, its functional properties are well known and it’s why you’ll find it throughout much of our ra

MAR | Featuring Noah Lane

  Daylight wanes as sky becomes heavy. Isobars compress and warp; cross-sectioned onions on the nightly news. The coast awakens, transformed from the doldrums of summer. Warmth; a flickering memory, like those drawn upon for favourable con

The Lost Weekend | In Conversation With Chris McClean

Hailing from the colder Northern territories of the UK, chasing waves in those kinds of environments come as second nature to Chris. From shooting one of our first films in the Outer Hebrides through to our critically-acclaimed film Edges O

Edges Of Sanity | A Finisterre Film

  It’s been saidOn far shores, weary mariners hear voicesSongs so beautiful they cast a spellThere is no choice but to hear. Director: Chris McCleanProducer: Ernest CapbertSurfers: Noah Lane + Matt SmithPoem: Dan CrockettNarration: Charle

The Other Door | Featuring Matt Smith

As the winter door closes, we say goodbye to thick suits, heavy winter swells and cold days, and we open the door to thinner suits, summer waves and longer days. Featuring Matt Smith.Directed and produced by Luke Pilbeam. 

Cold Water People | A Finisterre Film

The People Of Cold Water Surfing. Shot at the Greenaway Pro and narrated by Ernest Capbert. 

Fv25 | A Finisterre Film

Fv25 is our cold water surf film. It is cold water surfing as we see it, living and surfing within a cold water environment. Filmed over 8 months, Fv25 will take you to the Outer Hebrides and Norway.Filmed by award winning film maker Chri

Our Repairs Service

WE WOULD MUCH RATHER BREATHE NEW LIFE INTO AN OLD JACKET THAN ADD IT TO LANDFILL REPAIR AND REFRESHIt’s key to reducing our impact on this beautiful blue marble we live on. We are fortunate enough to have the skills of Annie, a wizard w


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