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We’ve said no to using down since the beginning. Ten years ago we started working with PrimaLoft®, insulating our jackets with their synthetic fill, so we could say with confidence that they are environmentally responsible and ethically sourced, without ever compromising on warmth or performance.

 Warm, durable, and filled with 70% post-consumer recycled content, our insulated jackets are as light on the planet as they are on your body.


Our most popular jacket, the Nimbus is also one of the most versatile. Windproof, water resistant and warm, its recycled PrimaLoft fill offe


Designed for adding extra warmth either as an outer layer or under a jacket, the Incus is also fully windproof and water resistant. Lightwei


Recycled insulation is part of our history, and it’s definitely something we will continue to develop in our future. Ten years on, we’ve adjusted the weights, tried out different types of PrimaLoft and started to use recycled outers as well as recycled insulation.

We’re proud to be celebrating a decade of this innovative technique – here’s to the next ten.  


You’ll find that most padded jackets are made with down, often favoured for its warmth. Knowing that quality control, when it comes to how down is sourced, can be improper at times, we decided to take a stand right from the beginning.

We’ve never used down and we don’t intend to.

Stories of live plucking and questionable ethics surrounding the production of down jackets led us to this stance. As innovators in our field, we challenged the status quo and found a way of producing a lightweight, warm and breathable jacket that not only matches the quality of down, but matches our statement of intent when it comes to environmental issues. 



Our most popular jacket, the Nimbus is also one of the most versatile. Windproof, water resistant and warm, its recycled PrimaLoft fill off


A new addition to our insulation range, the Alto is a longer length version of our Nimbus jacket, offering extra warmth in a slim longline s

Why do we use PrimaLoft® Silver Eco?

We use PrimaLoft® Silver Eco specifically because it’s the best recycled insulation you can possibly use. This synthetic polyester retains 75% of its warmth when wet - compared to down which loses its loft and only retains 25% - meaning when you're up against the weather, you’ll be more protected in our PrimaLoft® insulated jackets. Better yet, it’s made from 70% post-consumer recycled content. 

PrimaLoft® insulation provides warmth without the bulk, encourages the passage of moisture to keep you from feeling cold or clammy and is seriously lightweight so you can pack it away for any adventure. Originally developed for the United States Army in the 1980s, PrimaLoft® share Finisterre's pioneering vision, enabling us to create innovative design solutions to keep your shielded from the elements.


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