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Women's Wetsuits & Swimwear

Recycled swimwear, made for adventure.


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Front of womens navy, 3mm wetsuit with natural rubber and recycled materials by Finisterre Front of womens navy, 3mm wetsuit with natural rubber and recycled materials by Finisterre

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Women's Nieuwland 3e Yulex Wetsuit

3mm Yulex Pure™ wetsuit.

Rated 4.7 out of 5
Based on 14 reviews


Women's Wetsuits & Swimwear

Our Women’s Swimwear collection is made up of full-body wetsuits, bikinis, swimsuits and swim leggings. Whether you're braving freezing temperatures with a spot of refreshing cold water swimming/surfing, or your gearing up for summer beach-time, every swimwear piece in this collection has been designed around women's comfort and flexibility. We never compromise on sustainability. Our wetsuits and costumes are created from ethically sourced recycled materials, tackling plastic pollution in our oceans while you're out enjoying the waves.

Some of our best-selling products include:

- Zenith Swimsuit - Racer-back Ladies Swimsuit, created for maximum comfort
-vNieuwland 4mm Hooded Wetsuit – designed for sea temperatues of 8-14 °C.

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[Meredith S] Verified buyer of the [Women’s Nieuwland Hooded Wetsuit]

*5 Stars* Fab eco wetsuit
Love it that this is a more environmentally friendly option. I used the size guide and got the right fit. Great wetsuit.

[Rose T] Verified buyer of the [Blasius Legging]

*5 Stars* Beautiful swim leggings
These fit perfectly and are very flattering and comfortable. Also lovely colour. Will be ideal to wear between wetsuit and swim suit i.e spring time. Great for travel (when we get going again) for wild swimming as pack up very small. I have the top to match and they both look great together.


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