Sea7: The Masterclasses

Welcome To Our Ocean Activist Programme

Originally a response to the G7's lack of ocean centred action we launched Sea7; the UK's first online Ocean Activist Camp. This year we return with The Masterclasses - enabling anyone to access the tools, learn the skills and take confidence from the experts to further their own journey into ocean activism.

"Our Sea7 Masterclasses have been designed to provide you with the resources you need to support your journey into ocean activism.”

- Tom Kay, Finisterre Founder.

Watch The Episodes

Episode 1

Exploring Environmentalism

Sea7 Masterclass Batch 1

Episode 2

Speaking Truth To Power

Sea7 Masterclass Batch 1

Episode 3

Rewilding The Sea

Sea7 Masterclass Batch 1

Episode 4

How To Campaign To Protect Our Ocean

Sea7 Masterclass Batch 1

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