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This Christmas we celebrate the ones who deserve it most. The ones who are always there, whether supporting from the sidelines or standing with us shoulder to shoulder. The ones who push us to do better and be better. The towel holders, the tea-makers, the unsung heroes... the ones we call family.

Sally McGee, Tom & Billy

Belief from the ones closest to us is often so much more powerful than the belief we have in ourselves. Sally McGee’s partner, Tom, has been instrumental in helping balance the duties of motherhood with pursuing Sally’s passion to get more women into the water through her inclusive all-female surf school, Yonder.

“Through injury and through motherhood, he’s passionately supported me in all aspects of my life; from trying new things to committing to what I love.”

Read more about Sally and the surfing sisterhood that is Yonder.
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Omie Dale & Malachi

Adventures in nature are always sweeter when there’s someone to share them with. Omie Dale and her brother Malachi share a deep bond and a passion for outdoor swimming that has seen them explore coastlines, rivers and lakes all around the UK. A swim instructor and activist, Omie works to break down barriers and enable people from diverse backgrounds to connect with the water.

“We have always had the strongest bond; we have spent hours upon hours swimming in different spots around the country and exploring together.”

Omie featured as part of our ‘New Lenses on the Landscape’ film. Watch it here

Andrew Birkett, Laura & Lacey

Support from those we love can help us overcome seemingly impossible challenges. Providing that support, Andrew Birkett’s wife Laura and daughter Lacey are also his source of inspiration to enjoy an active lifestyle, despite the challenges posed by his cerebral palsy. A schoolteacher and adaptive surfer, we customised a wetsuit for Andrew to ease his entry into the water, where he feels most free.

“Laura has always been my biggest supporter when it comes to leading an active life. Through all the challenges, her motivation is what drives me on.”

Andrew featured in our ‘The Freedom It Gives Me’ film.
Watch it here

Eliza Shaddad & Samantha

Sometimes the strongest bonds are forged through friendship rather than family. For musicians Eliza Shaddad and Samantha Lindo, that bond comes from a shared passion for creativity and promoting female artists through their collective, Girls, Girls, Girls. A self-described ‘ethereal grunger’, Eliza performed live at our Sea7 Activist Camp – helping to bring the event to life as we raised our voices for the ocean.

“Samantha's an amazing human and a complete inspiration; helping me promote all-female line-ups and working to provide safe spaces for womxn artists.”

Eliza performed live at our Sea7 Activist camp, helping to bring the event to life. Start your own activist journey.