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The True North

The True North label embodies the peak of product development at Finisterre. Seeking out the best fabrics and manufacturers, we have embarked on a series of pioneering projects brought to life through a range deep in function and style.

Whilst ancient mariners began using the stars to guide them and the advent of the humble compass further helped sailors roam the seas, it was the discovery of true north that really enlightened the seafarer. No longer at the mercy of uncertainty or the unknown, sails could be set and voyages embarked upon without fear of going off-course.

Building on that ancient practice of celestial navigation, true north is marked in the skies by the north celestial pole, allowing for pinpoint accuracy. An innovative technique that changed the directional landscape, this is why we chose the label True North for our pinnacle range.

Within it you’ll find the iconic Bowmont knitwear, as well as our UK Denim, an ongoing collaboration with HD Wool and our dual-faced Boreas technology which we’ve been developing over the past 7 years. Pioneering products at the forefront of fabric technology, True North is rooted in innovation. 


Bowmont Project

Back in 2005, we made a unanimous decision to place wool at the centre of our fabric development. One of the oldest natural fibres known to man, its functional properties are well known and it’s why you’ll find it throughout much of our range.

Two years of detective-like research eventually led us to Lesley Prior, the guardian of the last twenty-eight Bowmont Merino sheep on the planet. Capable of producing a fine fibre wool and surviving in UK conditions, the Bowmont sheep combines the hardiness of a Shetland with the softness of a Merino sheep. We had found the answer to our quest; and in the process secured the future of this breed.

Nine years after Finisterre first met Lesley, the Bowmont Merino flock is now close to 300 sheep strong, producing a yield of around 700kg of fibre a year. It’s a privilege to have pioneered this British Merino success story and built a 100% British supply chain from scratch.

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UK Denim

When we first ventured into denim, our thought process was simple: how could we innovate an everyday product, maintain aesthetic yet elevate function, all the while keeping it local by working with UK manufacturers?

Our first jean was born out of this desire, and we haven’t stopped striving for home grown excellence since. The Camber Jean was an exciting new innovation that blended the softness of Merino with the durability of a 10.5oz denim in a bespoke Finisterre cut. It became a talking point in the denim world and a great platform from which to jump.

The range has now expanded, from a water-repellent finish on the Anatis Jean to continuing our wool denim development in the Ovis, all made at Cookson & Clegg’s historic Blackburn factory. Combining our considered approach to design with Cookson & Clegg’s long standing tradition of quality, it’s a relationship we’re proud of. 

Made in Britain and built to last: it doesn’t get more simple than that.

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Boreas Project

Finisterre began with a fleece. We’ve grown a lot since then, but its core properties – warmth, comfort and softness - are always on our mind when we design products.

Seven years in the making, the Boreas was born from a desire to bridge the gap between the technicality of a fleece and the wearability of a sweat. It’s our own recipe that has been honed and tweaked: a unique dual-faced fabric that blends the softness of Merino on the inside and the durability of cotton on the outside, all in a classic sweat style.

Sliding into them after a surf one New Year’s Day, it emphasised the importance and efficiency of this versatile technology. We’ve turned innovation into an everyday classic, developed it in our factories over the years and we’re proud of the result.

Always looking forward and championing Merino has led to the development of this undercover hero.

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HD Wool®

It’s no secret that we love wool. It’s one of the oldest fibres in the world, durable and functional, not to mention naturally occurring. You’ll find it in all corners of the collection, from our knits to our Merino wool base layers. It doesn’t stop there; we’re also committed to using it in more innovative ways and places, in this case in the fill of our True North parka.

Last year we forged a partnership with HD Wool®; with 127 years of experience under their belt they have produced a wool insulation which is sustainably sourced, biodegradable, renewable and totally recyclable.

Pioneering wool as a technical fibre, we have replaced traditional insulation with this traceable, home-spun wool in our Commodus Parka. Reacting to your body, it creates the perfect personal climate: natural, warm, breathable and comfortable without the bulk.

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