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Packaway Tote Bag | Natural History Museum

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Packaway Tote Bag | Natural History Museum


Lightweight packable tote bag.

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Here at Finisterre, we strongly believe that single use is no use. So as part of our collaboration with the Natural History Museum we've made this handy tote bag from 100% recycled polyester. Super lightweight, it packs down small enough that you'll hardly notice you have it on you - until you need it for that impromptu shopping trip.

Part of the NHM + Finisterre collection celebrating the resilience of nature and a shared passion to protect the natural world, this tote incorporates work by pioneering entomologist and illustrator Maria Sibylla Merian.


Fabric: 100% Recycled Polyester

Made In: China

Factory: Grant

Find out more about our use of recycled polyester here.

Find out more about the factories we use and our supply chain here.


  • Strong double seamed handles
  • Inside pouch with snap closure for easy storage
  • Large storage capacity, with room for a good basket shop!
  • Custom logo inspired by the resilience of nature
  • 100% recycled polyester

Celebrating the Resilience of Nature

Celebrating the Resilience of Nature

During the first global lockdowns of 2020, nature experienced something that hasn’t happened for a long time – a break from human activity. Showing the power of nature’s resilience, the embroidered collaboration logo shows nature reclaiming its place; vines and flowers intertwining and growing through the letters, as nature does in the real world.


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