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Stormproof Umbrella
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A staggering one billion broken umbrellas globally get thrown away every year. Here at Finisterre we’re against waste and we’re against badly designed products that don’t last, which is why we were delighted when we discovered Senz’s stormproof umbrellas. Tested in winds of up to 100kmph, this is an umbrella we can be proud to put our name on. Exclusive to Finisterre all-black design and premium ripstop fabric.

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  • Exclusive to Finisterre light and strong polyester ripstop fabric and all black colourway

  • Unique aerodynamic shape floats on the wind - hold lightly and let it find the right position in the airflow

  • Tested in storms of up to 100kmph

  • 24 month warranty

  • Please use sensibly - don’t hold the inside directly into wind

  • UPF50+ UV protection

  • Non-folding pole contruction for strength

  • Eyesaver rib ends

  • Comfortable foam grip

  • Premium sleeve with shoulder strap

  • Weight 383g

  • Length 79cm, canopy size 90cm x 87cm

  • Manufactured by umbrella experts in China, by factories that are regularly spot-checked to maintain high ethical standards


The first time you use your umbrella in heavy weather, it will take some getting used to. When you hold it loosely in one hand, it will find the right position in the wind itself. Initially, you may want to grab it firmly with two hands and hold it against the wind - this is not necessary! As the umbrella is aerodynamic it doesn’t need any help. Just think of it as a bird that lets its wings flow through the wind automatically, following the different wind directions.


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