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Biking & Bivvying: Field Testing Our Poncho

Our second exclusive collaboration with the Natural History Museum celebrates the resilience of the natural world, and one of our favourite pieces from the collection is designed to help you experience and embody that resilience for yourself.
Enter the NHM + Finisterre Poncho - a tactical waterproof that has been designed to transform into a temporary shelter for when you set up camp in the wilds. We caught up with our Design Lead, Todd, to put it through its paces and discover his inspiration behind the piece.


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Written by Zak Rayment

Images by David Gray

Film by Greg Dennis

With adventure always on our minds, we wanted to design a piece that could enable people to get out and explore the natural world - whilst still doing everything you expect of a poncho. Whether you're taking it to mud-soaked festival fields or planning wild adventures away from the crowds, the NHM + Finisterre Poncho has all your bases covered.


Here's what Todd had to say...

“The poncho (come tarp) is a product I’d always wanted to introduce into the Finisterre line-up. The desire was to create something that in essence was a show piece for the collection, whilst also encouraging its owner to get outside and be amongst the 'resilience of nature' that formed the inspiration behind the project. What could we create that would enable someone to be out for longer? Of course, it had to be a fully waterproof poncho that can double as a shelter whilst showcasing this incredible print to maximum effect...

Whether you keep it for emergencies (packed away into its own pocket) or make it the main feature of your next adventure, the NHM + Finisterre Poncho is an incredibly versatile piece of kit that you'll be glad to have in your bag.

There are six loops built into the hem of the poncho that allow it to be pegged down with the addition of some guy ropes (not included). As you can see here Todd's preferred mode of transport usually involves two wheels, and with some clever rigging he was able to craft his own little shelter by detaching the front wheel of his trusty steed and using the bike frame to create height and tension for his temporary abode.

Not a fan of riding on two wheels? Not a problem. The shelter can be set up using anything that you can find to make a solid structure; whether you use walking poles or just some sticks you find on the beach!

The fully waterproof fabric has a 10,000 Hydrostatic Head rating, along with a 10,000g breathability rating - so whether wearing it or sheltering beneath it, you can be certain it'll keep the water out. When worn as a poncho, there are three snaps on either side that allow it to be fastened and turn into a reliable waterproof.

Oh, and did we mention the built in lookout tower? Tie up the hood to make it waterproof as a shelter, or have a bit of fun when the sun's out.

It's all about #WhereItTakesYou...


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