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Introducing Ambassador Lydia Ricard

Our first North American Ambassador, Lydia Ricard is a smile in the line-up and a mainstay of the surf community on Vancouver Island. We sat down with the self-proclaimed cheese addict, longboard coach and President of the Goofy Club, to welcome her to the Finisterre fold.


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Words by Lydia Ricard

Photography by Bryanna Bradley

It's great to have you on board, joining our Ambassador team. How does it feel to be joining the crew, and can you tell us a bit about yourself and your story in your own words?

I am super excited to join the Finisterre crew! Looking at all the other Ambassadors, I feel very inspired to be part of the brand. It's all about community and making sustainable products for those who love nature and the ocean, and that's something I resonate with deeply. If someone told me 10 years ago what I would be doing now, I wouldn't have believed them! Growing up close to Montreal, I never thought that I would surf – let alone being a surf coach with my own surf school!

I fell in love with surfing in 2014 on a trip to Costa Rica, moved to the West Coast of Canada 6 months later and have been there ever since! Following my love for the ocean, taking opportunities when they come, and doing what feels good.

Apart from riding waves and coaching, I find joy in the simple things – savoring a cup of coffee, laid-back picnics on the beach, and letting my mind wander towards new projects. I also love spending more time on the ocean, fishing, swimming, diving. One of my other favorite things in the world is traveling. It holds a special place in my heart. Exploring new cultures and gaining fresh perspectives on life is something I never tire of.

There’s an incredibly strong contingent of women surfing where you’re based, on Vancouver island. What’s it like to be a part of that, and how has it helped your surfing?

It's absolutely amazing! Being embraced by a vibrant community of female surfers has been such a blessing for me. It's not just about catching waves; it's about feeling confident and comfortable in the lineup. Now, being in a position to give back fills my heart, because I vividly recall how crucial that support was when I was starting out.

Having a community to lean on, to ask questions, can be the game-changer that defines your surfing journey. Let's admit it—surfing isn't easy! So having that support network can save you years of solo learning. I'm so grateful for the help I received, and now, I'm thrilled to be able to pay it forward.

What would you say your relationship with the ocean gives to you in your life, and how do you find ways to give back to it?

Not a day goes by without feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude for living next to the ocean. It's an integral part of my life that I can't imagine living without. It fills me up, grounds me, and allows me to stay present.

With the constant ebb and flow of waves and weather here, the unpredictability has taught me to cherish every experience. Living by the ocean has shaped me into a better person, bringing a profound understanding of the importance of nature. I firmly believe that when you truly understand nature's significance, you naturally treat it with more respect.

My way of giving back is to share the parallels I see between life, surfing, and the ocean. It's my way of expressing gratitude and passing on the priceless life lessons the ocean has taught me.

In my coaching, it's not just about the technical side of surfing. I emphasize the importance of a connection between you and the ocean. Surfing is like a conversation—it's about where your mind is at and understanding the messages from the ocean. How you react, think, and breathe can change how you surf, and perhaps, how you live. It's all connected. Just like we are.


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