The Broadcast / Finisterre Ambassador Noah Lane Wins The Magic Seaweed Winter Session

Finisterre Ambassador Noah Lane Wins The Magic Seaweed Winter Session

We have always taken a simple approach to the people we believe in at Finisterre; we like to spend time with them and see how the relationship grows. We've roamed a fair bit with Noah in some very cool places and know that we will be friends for a long time. Ambassador and Team Manager Matt Smith caught up with Noah moments after winning the MSW winter session, taking home a cool $20,000 1st prize.


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MS: Congratulations brother, what wonderful news. How do you feel?

I'm over the moon, I cannot believe it. Thanks so much to all the MSW and Monster Crew for making it happen, to my girlfriend Tara for being cool with me staying at home whilst she’s at work. It's so I can wait for magic sessions like that. And thanks to Guy for the edit, it wouldn’t have happened without him.

MS: We're really proud of you - what are your plans for the rest of the evening? You deserve a pint first.

Just let the news settle and have a beer with the boys who are here enjoying the Shore Shots Irish Surf Film Festival.

MS: It looked like a beautiful session with the snow capped mountains in the background and perfect waves with not many people out?

It's a really tricky wave when it's like that - definitely not perfect - and not that many waves coming through like that so I suppose I just got lucky. I live about 50 metres away from the paddle out so I spend a lot of time watching and trying to help my chances of getting good ones.

MS: Have a great night Noah - we are very proud to have you as an Ambassador, thanks for everything.

Cheers Smithers, let's go get a drink and celebrate.

Watch Noah score the wave of the winter for MSW Winter Sessions here

Noah Lane: Noah travels extensively in his pursuit of waves, never staying put for more than a couple of years. Lucky for us he has shunned warmer shores and settled on the north west coast of Ireland. A humble gent, he lives simply and seems to be one of those guys who has figured out what makes him tick, comfortable with the nomadic life he has chosen. And his surfing speaks for itself.

Noah is a Finisterre Ambassador alongside Fergal Smith, Easkey Britton, Matt Smith, Sandy Kerr and Sam Bleakley.

Watch Noah welcome winter swells in Ireland in 2014.

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