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Palladium + Finisterre In Conversation

Palladium + Finisterre brings together two brands who embody sustainability with substance; from Palladium's heritage as the original boot makers for the French Foreign Legion and early use of organic cotton, to our own ethos of creating durable, fit-for-purpose product that enables a connection to the sea whilst having as little impact as possible.

With such closely aligned values, Finisterrre founder Tom Kay and Palladium brand manager Joe Khalifa sat down to shed a little light on how the collaboration came about and our hopes for a more sustainable future.


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“With the global pandemic, coming out of global quarantine, we just want people to feel really inspired to go outdoors and explore in a boot that's lightweight, functional, recycled, without any compromise in style whatsoever.

- Joe Khalifa, Palladium Brand Manager

“There's a hell of a lot of product out there. I think if you're going to be building product, let's just have a bit of respect for where those materials are coming from. If you're going to take from the land, make sure you're giving back to the land. We can't just keep taking, taking, taking. [...] I think we're getting to a situation now where there are enough materials on this planet to reuse. And that's the main thing here.

- Todd, Finisterre Design Lead


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