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Supporting Packed With Hope

Like so many around the world, seeing the events that have unfolded in Ukraine over the last month has left us heartbroken. So, when we were approached by the campaign Packed With Hope, we jumped at the chance to help – doing what we could to donate useful supplies to those affected by the conflict and tapping into the collective power of our community.


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At time of writing, it’s estimated that over 3.5 million people have fled the violence in Ukraine. Most of these are women and children who are leaving behind everything they know; from friends and family to every worldly possession they have, bar what can be carried.

With such terrible disruption to their lives, the Packed With Hope campaign aims to provide just a little comfort to these children by supplying 10,000 backpacks filled with a selection of items that are both comforting and essential. The campaign was kicked off by two independent publishers, Gracie Cooper of Little Toller Books, and Kevin Duffy of Bluemoose Books and is also raising funds to cover extra materials and the costs of distribution through their Just Giving page. They’re just shy of their £75k target so any donations, no matter how small, will make a difference.

Donate To The Campaign Here

“My children are constantly asking: "Could this happen to us?" We can't simply stand back and watch. The uprooting of families is heartbreaking, and we have to be able to help in some way.”

- Gracie Cooper, Packed With Hope

From storybooks to head torches, colouring pencils to insulated flasks, puzzles to toothbrushes – little things can make a big difference. The bags will be colour-coded, making them easier to distribute on the ground and getting the right supplies to the right children; Yellow (children aged 0-4), Blue (ages 4-8), Green (ages 8-12) and Red (ages 12-16).

So, why are we telling you this? What relevance does this conflict have to a clothing brand based in Cornwall? Quite simply, we make stuff that can help. And Packed With Hope are getting that stuff into the hands of the people who need it.

We were supplied 275 backpacks to be filled, as well as 100 Mizu Insulated Flasks (useful for carrying both clean drinking water and hot soups), but we knew we could help more, so our Positive Impact Manager decided to reach out to our suppliers and network of fellow B Corps to see who else might be able to provide support.

“I reached out to the B Corp community because the campaign needed products that we just don’t make; children’s items, hardware, food etc. We have incredible relationships with our fellow B Corps, so I knew that the community would jump on board to help where they could.”

- Adele Gingell, Finisterre Positive Impact Manager


We were blown away by the response from our fellow B Corps. Alpkit have donated 170 head torches from their foundation. Ocean Bottle and Pangaia have provided a further 1200 reusable drinks bottles. And last, but by absolutely no means least, the baby and children's food producers at Ella's Kitchen are donating over 100,000 individual food items.

The Packed With Hope campaign has already mobilised an army of nearly 100 volunteers and packing begins on the 9th of April, sending out 5 HGVs on the 16th of April, closely followed by Gracie and two of her team on the 18th. They will then distribute the backpacks directly into the hands of children and families at Ukraine's border with Romania, with the support of an NGO.

The campaign is still in need of funds, so if you are able to donate, you can find their Just Giving page here.

Donate To The Campaign Here


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