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World Ocean Week

The 8th June is World Ocean Day, but our ocean deserves and needs so much more than a day in the spotlight. From offering myriad solutions to the climate crisis to the mental and physical health benefits it bestows, the ocean plays a vital role in human health and the health of our planet, so we’re taking the whole week to celebrate it.


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As a brand built on a love of the sea, every day we come to work is one when we’re considering our impact on the ocean and our coastal playgrounds. It’s why we do what we do – building outstanding product, in as sustainable way as possible, to enable people to connect more deeply and fall in love with this incredible landscape. Because we believe you protect what you love.

What is World Ocean Day?

One Ocean, One Climate, One Future – Together. So reads the mission statement on the UN website dedicated to the day intended to put our ocean in the spotlight. First proposed at the Rio Earth Summit back in 1992, World Ocean Day is a UN initiative aimed at informing the public of the human impact on the ocean, developing a worldwide movement of ocean citizens, and arming people with the tools to take action so we can protect the future of this vital ecosystem.

You’ll notice it’s ‘World Ocean Day’ rather than ‘World Oceans Day’. As reflected in their mission statement, the UN recently dropped the ‘s’, finally recognising that the many bodies of water which make up our one ocean are inextricably connected, and we must look at ocean health as a whole if we are to reverse the damage caused in our short time on this planet.

A jellyfish at the surface
Clean waves entering a pristine bay

World Ocean Day Week...

With our strong belief that a day isn’t nearly enough, we’re celebrating World Ocean Week – taking seven days to talk to our community about activism and ocean education, as well as some exciting projects we’ve been working on…

The Seasuit Project


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