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Ep 11. 2021 Round-Up

This week and to bridge the gap between this years roster and next years line up, we’ve wrapped up a little special for you of some of the best bits from our 2021 guests.



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Its a bit of a hash up, remix if you will, so in way of introduction and in order of appearance heres who to listen for...

Our inaugural episode with Ambassador Easkey Britton…We dived in the deep end on all things blue mind and the human / nature connect.

One of the most captivating storytellers in, Pete Goss, MBE…His heroic solo circumnavigation in the 1996 Vendee Globe.

Director Pippa Ehrlich, the lady behind the lens of 2020’s Oscar Award Winning, My Octopus Teacher.

A conversation I’ve long been meaning to have with THE most stoked scientist out there, Charles Post on passionate conservation, science and surf.

Good friend of Finisterre Sam Bencheghib and his off the cuff ocean to ocean - NY to LA run across America to save our seas and the plight of plastic pollution.

Our first double whammy with Waves For Change Founders Tim Conibear and Ambassador Apish Testscha - discussion the building wave of momentum for surf therapy across South Africa and indeed the world.

An honest and frank discussion with the Gail Gallie of Project Everyone on COP26 and the climate conversation at large.

And last but not least, Melissa Reid, the now 3x ISA World Surfing Champion and her journey through sport as a partially sighted surfer and triathlete.

So here we go….