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EP 14. Beau Young – The Art of Surf

Throughout the year, OPEN hosts world-class surfer-shapers residencies, giving everyday surfers an opportunity to own a hand shaped surfboard



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From some of the most respected names in the industry - including to date Simon Anderson, Neil Purchase Jr, Josh Keough, and our very special guest today, Beau Young!

Surfer, shaper, musician and 2x world long-board champion. Beau’s surfing is as stylish today as it was back on his world title runs, something that likely results from knowing his equipment inside out, hand shaped by himself - a process we touch on a few times.

We spoke about all the things you’d expect from a conversation with a surfing world champ - the fire for competition, the purity of surfing itself, the art of hand shaping and an ever-evolving love affair with the sea.

Safe to say we couldn’t have this conversation without mentioning Beau’s father, Australian Nat Young, 5x world surfing champion and a name synonymous with surfing
worldwide, primarily because he, along with a few others, ushered in the new era of surf and the shortboard revolution in the mid 1960’s.

“It’s the greatest gift I’ve been given - to be born into this world and realise there is such a space as the sea to catch waves for free, I’ve never ever experienced anything like that, ever.”


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