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EP 23. Mark McInnis

Cold & Committed

First up in our Canadian mini series, and after a long time waiting, we finally met with master craftsman, Mark McInnis. Recognised as one of the first surf photographers to really ply his trade in the Pacific Northwest, Mark has gone on to establish himself over a 13 year plus career as one of the most respected surf photographers out there. His work synonymous with cold, hostile, often snowcapped environments.



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hell or high water episode 23
Episode 23
Mark McInnis

Mark's imagery has graced the pages of some of the most revered surf publications the world over. As well as do the rounds on social media - sure to stop any doom scroller in their tracks.

Mark has an almost unparalleled ability to capture a moment in time, and despite the ever evolving world of moving picture, film and reels, Marks lens remains focussed on still imagery to tell a story and stir something within his audience.

“My house burned down in a forest fire… I had no opportunity to get anything out, I lost 10 years of work, 10 years of hard drives. My life work was, gone!”

Mark McInnis

“Strap your board to a backpack and go hike some coasts you havent gone to before… you’re never going to create memories like the ones you do on trips like that, where your literally carry 60lbs wet wetsuits… you wanna talk about building character, that stuff is so gnarly and so unbelievable fun and on your own power…”

Mark McInnis


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