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EP 25. Ross Reid

Nerdy About Nature

A household name on Vancouver Island and most certainly in the wider conservation space given his growing audience on the like of Instagram, amassing over 250k followers… Ross Reid is a self proclaimed ‘Science Communicator’ or ‘Outdoor Educator’ and does so with fast, intellectual, wit and wisdom. Through his energetic edits, he not only educates but also inspires his audience to forge a stronger connection to our planet.



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hell or high water episode 25
Episode 25
Ross Reid

You’ll learn straight out the gate that Ross has a deep deep knowledge and understanding of his surroundings, celebrating the beauty and bounty of British Columbia and Vancouver Island.

Intertwining a passion for the natural world with the power of digital discourse, Ross very cleverly merges science and storytelling at a moment in time when we need lively, passionate debate and educated call to action.

"All water is the same water… it's all one… in the same way all these forests are so interconnected and interdependent on the oceans especially in these coastal areas.”

Ross Reid

"Literally flying and dropping beavers in crates with parachutes out of planes… saying 'do your work', 'we need to restore these areas'… beavers are incredible!”

Ross Reid


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