Man wearing beacon jacket

The Beacon Jacket

A Guiding Light In Sustainable Design

A better way of building performance apparel is here. The Beacon Jacket cuts through all the ‘blah blah’ and green fog around sustainability and offers more hope than you could possibly imagine. This jacket protects you from mother nature and protects mother nature from you.

ISPO Award 2021 Gold Winner

The Beacon Jacket represents a new benchmark in circularity for Finisterre, winning Gold at ISPO 20.

“When all other items are trying to reduce their environmental footprint, this garment is climate positive through using regenerative practices.”

- ISPO Jury Statement

Where Is Your Jacket Heading?

There are good and bad mountains. With so much of our clothing ending up in mountains of waste this jacket is a beacon of hope.

Built with 100% recycled PrimaLoft® BIO compostable shell

Renewable and Natural HD® Wool Apparel Insulation breaks down harmlessly at end of life

Biodegradable fasteners

“This jacket is a remarkable example of what is possible if brands decide to create genuinely sustainable products right from the get-go.”

Outdoor Magic

Shining A Light In The Field

We put the Beacon Jacket in the hands of ambassadors, change-makers & photographers to put it through its paces.

Lizzie Daly

A passionate conservationist working to protect our oceans and wild spaces. Lizzie is an ambassador for the Marine Conservation Society and the Jane Goodall Institute UK.

George Bullard

A world record-breaking explorer, endurance athlete and motivational speaker. George’s aim is to change lives through rewilding and the great outdoors.

Lola Bleakley

At 15 years old, Lola is one of the UK’s rising stars within the longboard community. With her distinctive style, the U18s British Champion is an inspiration for young girls and women in surfing.

Sally McGee

Sally is a surfer, mother and the founder of Yonder, a surf school and coaching company in Tynemouth. Her mission is to empower the community of wave-riding women in the north east of England.

Hugh Francis Anderson

Hugh is a writer, photojournalist and adventurer based in Tromsø, Arctic Norway. His explorations have led him from Svalbard to Shetland, and his work regularly appears in Oceanographic and Sidetracked Magazine.

Inka Cresswell

Inka is a marine biologist and wildlife filmmaker and photographer. She uses her camera to educate about marine conservation issues, reconnect people with nature and change perspectives on misunderstood species.

Tried & Tested

Pushing his skills and our Beacon Jacket to the limit, photographer William Fortescue joins an expedition into the depths of the Arctic Circle.

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