Catching up with Bonnie Tsui

Catching up
with Bonnie Tsui

A saltwater swimmer who’s formed a profound connection with the cold San Franciscan waters of her home. We met up with the author of “Why We Swim” to explore this relationship of give and take, and the intense pull of wild water which keeps her coming back for more.

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EP.16: Bonnie Tsui
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“Everyone there is very accepting of whatever your comfort level is with swimming in the water, but you are strongly encouraged to be just in your birthday suit and a bit of lycra.”

Bonnie Tsui

You speak a lot about how swimming can be a meditative thing…

The concept of flow is all about being so absorbed in doing something that you don’t notice time passing, because you are so integrated into that thing. You swim a thousand yards and you think,‘this is home’, and then your brain goes somewhere else.

Bonnie Tsui

“I love thinking about it as wrestling sessions with the ocean, because it feels like that. You come out of it with some feeling of achievement, like you really exercised your body and spirit.”

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7th July, 2022
Finisterre London

In-store book reading and open conversation with swimmer, surfer, author Bonnie Tsui. Join us for an evening of beers and cold water tales.

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