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Finisterre + Bute | A Shared Love of Wool

Sharing a vision for innovative design

and a love of natural fibres.

We've been exploring the Scottish highlands and islands this past year, seeking out the remote surf spots; traversing these remote Northern Isles to test our products and find stories and new inspiration. It was our pursuit of uncrowded waves that took us there; a shared love of wool which led to our collaboration with Bute Fabrics.


4 min read

Written by Rachel Buchanan

Images by David Gray and Bute Fabrics

Here at Finisterre, our commitments to product, people and the environment always have been at the core of what we do. It therefore made perfect sense that we found affinity with Bute Fabrics. Remote but also easily accessible to the mainland by ferry, the mill was originally set up by the Marquess of Bute for the community at the end of the second world war, providing accommodation and employment for returning service men and women. The last remaining original employee passed away last year.

Bute Fabrics now employees around 44 staff members, some of whom are local to the island, others who commute to the island using the ferry, and some of which span more than one generation - a succession of experienced workers and fresh younger eyes, plus up to 6 Scottish Textiles Apprentices experiencing a hands on training. A similar size to Finisterre, and also similarly only a stones throw from the sea, part of the landscape of colours and textures which provides so much inspiration.


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