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SilverTech Fabric: Antibacterial Technology

We have worked on creating a fabric fit for summer base layers. The NEW Argentum tops blend SilverTech and organic cotton, making them ideal for everyday or active wear due to the moisture wicking and range of antibacterial properties of the material. The inclusion of SilverTec alongside the organic cotton makes for a fit for purpose active tee.


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What’s special about SilverTech?

SilverTech consists of a nylon fibre which is coated in 99% pure silver. This is then blended with another component, in this case organic cotton, to create a high-performance fabric. Silver is well known for having natural antibacterial properties; properties that are inherently beneficial when thinking of a base layer that will sit close to your skin.

The silver component attacks bacteria on multiple fronts, stopping replication and breaking down the cells themselves. This gives the fabric antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-odour properties – helping to break down the bacteria produced in sweat that make your clothes smell – meaning your Argentum tee will stay fresher for longer after exercise and will require far less washing.

More than a Tee: A base layer made for summer

Ideal for activity, travel or just a great soft tee that you can wear and wear, our SilverTech blend makes the Argentum range the perfect base layers for summer. The antibacterial properties mean that your top will smell less after use, and the fabric will wick moisture away from the skin, keeping you dry in the heat of summer.

The material also provides better thermoregulation than cotton, keeping you cool in the sun and warm in the shade, making it ideal for changeable weather and temperatures. Throw into the mix a UVP factor of 50+ (blocking up to 98% of UV radiation) and you have yourself the ideal casual base layer year-round, all in a classic style tee.

We’re excited about this new tee, built for performance and built to last it’s perfect for active adventurers, near or far.


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